Cetome, Innovative Technology

Cetome is a private Research & Development Center focused on innovative technologies and their application in the real-world.

Cetome is specialized in the conception, deployment and customization of advanced Information and Communication Technologies. With Cetome, you have advantage on the future.

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Technical Solutions and Applications

Cetome has developed several innovative solutions in the following domains:


Improve your business operation

Cetome studies your requirements and creates the most adapted solutions based on innovative technologies. Cetome evaluates adapted business models to reduce your investments and operational costs (CAPEX / OPEX), while maximizing your Return on Investment.

Cetome helps you in defining your technical solution at every stage of the decision process, thank to its technical expertise and experience with international clients and projects:

  • Evaluation and comparison of technical solutions, real-life scenario...
  • Selection of the most adapted solutions
  • Deployment, Trials and Validation
  • Establishment of OAM (Operation, Administration and Maintenance) rules and procedures
  • Monetization

Cetome accompanies you

Cetome experts are engaged to accompany you in every aspect of your business to ease the deployment of innovative technologies:

  • Product deployment
  • Integration to your current system / upgrade of selected components
  • Innovative services setup
  • Performance evaluation and customization
  • Team training

More information

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